Electron Microscopy Services

We have a full service EM facility. Services include:

  • Sample Processing
  • Thick Sectioning
  • Thin Sectioning
  • Platinum Replica
  • Immunogold Staining
  • Tomography

Poster Printing

•The Center for Advanced Microscopy offers self-service, large format and high resolution printing. The HP Z6100ps printer provides 2400X1200 dpi quality and due to the large paper format with a width of 60″, users can print 3’X5’ poster vertically by taking advantage of the width and pay only for 36 linear inches ($1.95/linear in).
•Poster printing is available from 9-12 or 1-4 on a first come first serve basis. Please bring your poster on a memory stick and a chartstring for billing. We can print from almost any format. but we suggest users bring their files in PPT, PDF and/or TIFF format in the final dimensions of the poster. We print directly from PowerPoint, but your printing will likely go faster if you do the following (especially if it was created on a Mac). First save the PowerPoint as a PDF, open the PDF in Photoshop, then save as a TIFF. Please reopen the TIFF to verify everything was saved correctly and there are no issues with the poster quality. Do not save directly as a TIFF from PowerPoint.

Image Analysis Software

We provide access to a variety of imaging and analysis software including:

  • Caliper Living Image
  • FIJI/ImageJ
  • Imaris
  • MetaMorph
  • Nikon Elements
  • Volocity